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No CPLD Re-Design Considered for cost reduction

How many servo ins and out?

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Spartan FPGAs versus CPLDs

FPGA Just Might WIN!

Working hard on implementing the Input Capture-Multiplexer.

I'm working with Xilinx Webpack 12.1 and I have a little help with Atium Designer as well :)

It's starting to look like the CPLD won't have the resources I need in a sized package or price I'm looking for.

There are some good options in the Spartan family in the $6 to $12 range that I'm exploring.

I have 3 Xilinx development platform's I'm… Continue

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XmegaPilot CPLD Provides Failsafe Functionality

The 9500 series Xilinx CPLD is memory mapped into external address space using the atXmega's external bus interface. The CPLD provides a linear address mapping of all 14 Servo Channel Captures. Alternatively, the CPLD will detect frame ends and signal an interrupt to transfer all 14 Captures via DMA to an assigned data memory location within the atxmega. 14 PWM outputs will be sent to the CPLD from the atxmega. Failsafe routing of servo input… Continue

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MARG Camera Stabilization

SebMadgwickResearch's Camera Stabilization using…

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AN177 - Kixrazor – Sparkfun’s 9DOF Razor with Bascom Basic Coded DCM (ala Mahoney/Premerlani style)

Kixrazor is a pretty cool Electronic Flight Information System as called by Natalius Kiedro its creator. Very nice write up is available at The hardware uses a GPS feeding into a Sparkfun 9DOF "Razor" board whose output is used by the AR7212 autopilot which finally sends telemetry (NEMA and AHRS) out to a 433Mhz Modem… Continue

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