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MTK3329 Size - Compare to Atmel Xplain and an Ardupilot

The MTK3329's arrived and they are amazingly small. The picture shows an Atmel Xplain development board next to a DIYDrones Ardupilot. Below from left to right, is the amazingly small Gmm-U1, the FGPMMOPA6B with integral LNA and 16mm tuned patch antenna followed by a Sarantel helical SL1203A passive antenna. I have an old Rockwell Jupiter GPS module that eclipses the size of the Ardupilot board, progess is amazing. I have some lea5's and neo5's laying around (hope to get some 6's soon) to do some performance comparisons. Lot's of new hardware laying around lately...just need 30 hours in a day!

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