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JM-XD200-USB an excellent atXmega128a1 development board

The recently updated ATxmega128A1 development board, JM-XD200-USB
, by Justin Mattair at is a very nice atxmega platform. He has thoughtfully included an onboard ATmega32U2 as a PDI programmer, LUFA style (ala by Dean Camera - well known on

Lots of features at a good price:

Atmel XMEGA 128A1 (chip rev. H), 128KB flash, 8KB RAM
Atmel ATmega32U2 USB uC, 32KB flash, 1KB RAM
Onboard USB PDI programmer (no external programmer needed)
Open source (MIT) code installed on the ATmega32U2
XMEGA programmable using AVR Studio or AVRdude
ATmega32U2 programmable using FLIP or dfu-programmer
Full access to flash, EEPROM, fuses, lockbits, etc.
USB to SPI bridge (can use USB in your XMEGA application)
76 XMEGA GPIO pins routed to headers
Version with peripherals adds:
SD Card slot
Audio amplifier
General purpose N-FET
Temperature sensor
4 LEDs
Optional thumbstick (4-direction + center)
Solder jumpers to disconnect peripherals
USB or external power, 3.3V 1A ULDO linear regulator
Two 16MHz crystals installed (HC49-US PTH)
Nonstandard PDI header (program external XMEGAs?, untested)
PCB is 10cm x 5cm, Ind. temp. (crystals are -20C to 70C)

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